is a traditional Czech producer of vinyl floor coverings that currently has 4 brands:

LINO Fatra - heterogeneous and homogeneous PVC floor cover,
Thermofix - vinyl floor coverings in the coating,
Imperio - luxury vinyl coverings,
FatraClick - floating vinyl floor coverings.

All materials are with guaranteed quality for installation in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, homes, sports centers and light industry.

Fatra vinyl floor coverings characterize the modern lifestyle and the new technology of their production. They provide a pleasant stay in the space, healthy and clean environment and protection against allergies. There are special types of PVC floor coverings that provide conditions for electrostatic discharge (electrostatic floors) and prevent a static charge (antistatic floors). Fatra vinyl floor coverings meet the European standards ISO 9001.

LINO Fatra
PVC floor coverings are homogeneous or heterogeneous materials with a wide range of patterns and colors. They are characterized by: an attractive appearance, high resistance to depletion, antistatic and electric transmiters, all with PUR protection which allows easy maintenance, in compliance with HACCP requirements.

vinyl floor coating are produced by using the most contemporary technology of production of heterogeneous PVC floor coverings. They are characterized by excellent resistance to abrasion combined with a sophisticated pattern of natural wood, stone, metal and textiles. The embedded glass wool layer gives outstanding dimensional stability. These unique features are complemented with features such as anti-slippery, good thermal characteristics, suitability for underfloor heating, good sound absorption when walking and easy maintenance, that makes this vinyl floor coating perfect for office buildings that require sophisticated look and patterns and a high degree of loading.

Imperio is a vinyl floor coverings produced with the new thermal stability technology that gives this floor coverings its unique features. High dimensional stability, unique pattern with rustic wood surface resistance to wet environment, high sound insulation, ecological - 100% use of recycled materials.

Fatra Click
is floating vinyl floor has unique construction (vinyl stepping base, MDF board core and cork bottom base), with patented system "Uniclick" which allows easy and quick mounting. This construction of the floor covering complemented with excellent patterns of wood and stone with rustic surface, can’t leave indifferent even the most demanding user.



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