Nora® rubber floor coverings have been for decades the world leading product in the field of natural rubber floor coverings. They are characterised wih high elasticity, refractoriness and resistance to cigarette butts, high abrasion resistance, high dimensional stability, high resistance to grease and oil. The coverings can be supplied in tiles and in rolls. Nora® floor coverings are divided into the following main groups of products: Norament®, Noraplan® and Nora® floor coverings for special purpose.


Norament® is supplied exclusively in tiles, which are produced by vulcanization in high presses and they are known with their absolute precision of the dimensions and the highest quality. Despite the characteristic appearance of round surface, this program contains numerous examples on the surface such as: a hammer blow (orange peel), structured surface or smooth surface.

Noraplan® can be delivered both, in tiles and in rolls, and offers a wide range of colors with non-profiled surface of the rubber floor coating.




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