MERO® TSK access floors
are flexible floor system for all modern buildings and their interior space planning, with many advantages. MERO® access floor offers a solution for the installation of various types of business and communication lines.

Key benefits of MERO® access floor system are: quick access without disturbing the working process, sufficient space for the upgrading of facilities, dry mounting which allows use immediately after installation, economical use of interior space, a possibility of a low construction height for renovation of the old buildings.

Types of  MERO®  access floors are:
- Type 2 Transformers and highly loaded areas
- Type 3 Metal plates
- Type 4 Raised floor for clean rooms
- Type 5 Wooden boards (standard type)
- Type 6 Mineral plates (based on gypsum)

In addition to those core systems, MERO® access floor offers a variety of accessories such as ventilation panels, panels with sockets, glass tiles, parquet floors, guide wires, underfloor heating on raised flooring, staircase, systems for fire barrier or sound insulation, etc.

Access floor D-75
is a domestic product developed by IDNINAPROM and is intended for low-profile double floor height in the interspace of 75 mm. The advantages of this floor are: fast and easy installation, no sense of a low ceiling and a choice of top finishing material. The D-75 access floor consits of plastic pedestals, plate enriched plywood or steel plate and finishing on request of the investor (textile floor coating tiles, PVC, rubber, etc.).



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